Enterprises dynamic, economic development and a fierce competition prompts an entrepreneur to obtain information about the market, product and the company. One of the methods of holding a whip hand, is implementation of an integrated management system. An introduction of such system tests knowledge and skills of employees supporting implementing tasks. Such knowledge can be acquired during training sessions and product-oriented workshops organized by abi-soft.

We propose the following training sessions:

  • Implementation sessions – for people actively taking part in system implementation process and for people responsible for specific modules
  • End-user sessions – for employees, who will exploit system functionalities
  • Sessions for educators – third party or highly qualified people with a great deal of experience in working with systems, who are responsible for passing knowledge to other employees
  • Mop-up sessions – for people, who grasped essential system knowledge, but want to obtain further skills
  • Top-up sessions- for people, who want to update their knowledge with new system functionalities and versions
  • Pre-implementation training sessions including: preparation of ERP system implementation strategy, system implementation methodology/procedures(AIM), technical aspects of system implementation
  • Managing business processes

Training sessions and workshops can be prepared for very specialistic topics, which are not included in standard session curriculum.

Training sessions offered by ABI-soft fulfill all educational needs related to implementation of integrated system to manage an enterprise. The in/out company training client list embraces system administrators, programmers, key users and managing crew. The client circle is also trained in preparation of documentation manual.

With a great deal of experience ABI-soft is capable of recognizing all possible client needs and wants and suggesting the best form of pre/on/after-implementation training sessions. Our consultants are highly-qualified with wide experience gained during project realization phase.