The last couple of years are marked with a rapid development of a number of IT systems, that have been deployed across many enterprises. Predominantly, these are independent applications, that deliver tangible business functionality. The need to exchange applications data constitutes a prerequisite to develop forward integrated platforms. The system integration service offered by ABI-soft enables a full IT infrastructure adjustment to dynamically changing markets, by eliminating most of the problems associated with improper information flow and system inconsistency. It embraces business processes as well as organization’s IT environment. Also, it optimizes costs and time for likely enterprise adjustments to future changes in economic environment, leveraging its competitiveness.

IT System Integration services ensure:

  • Data and processes coherence
  • Firm’s superior flexibility in response to market new challenges and opportunities
  • Ease with adjusting IT infrastructure in response to business needs and wants
  • Elimination of risks associated with changes brought into existing infrastructure or implementation of new IT systems
  • Shortening the time-to-market interval

IT system integration services embrace:

  • Systems integration, in any combinations:CRM, ERP, Billings
  • Business processes integration, including Supply Chain Management
  • Coherence of data coming from different IT systems
  • Preparation of IT standards related to platform or IT system change, retention and development
  • Introducing IT strategy based on integrated platform
  • Bespoke training within the framework of Systems Integration

ABI-soft recognizes application integration dilemma as a business issue, where the technology employed or solution delivered is a function of defined needs as well as additional, attainable benefits. Adopted by ABI-soft methodology, to carry out an integrated project assumes, that the choice of solution and technology to-be-adopted should be decided, while analyzing defined problem and its whole setting. In consequence, the proposed solution will not only allow to lower the cost of subsequent systems integration, but also to chose such a model, that will be beneficial to the business.

ABI-soft has a team of specialists, who have a vast knowledge about carrying out integrated projects. Additionally, ABI-soft has the expertise and knowledge about enterprise functioning, that can be substantiated by many IT systems implementations carried out. Such team, is able to take a long view of presented problem of application integration, not only from technology angle, but also from functional or commercial benefits perspective.