Implementation services encompass a creation of the system’s architecture, customizing a solution, as well as scheduling implementation and services in the field of system development and optimization…abi---strzalka-2012more

Economic Analysis

Economic Analysis – a method of researching economic processes based on studies of relationships, predominantly qualitative, occurring between the specific elements of these processes. It can be used for researching economic phenomena an processes taking place on the macro level (macroeconomic analysis) as well as phenomena and processes occurring within individual economic units and institutions (microeconomic analysis). Economic analysis clears the way for business diagnostics, facilitates decision making and promotes rationalization of economic processes on micro as well as macro scale…abi---strzalka-2012more


Defining IT requirements of contemporary enterprise, choice of adequate software and technical infrastructure, and also present and future needs, requires a broad and well-structured business and computing knowledge plus an objective and unbiased assessment of firm’s performance. Current activities of many enterprises do not allow the employees to acquire sufficient knowledge about all solutions available on the market. It causes a lack of objectivity and ability, while assessing business processes and determining firm’s real needs. It is why more and more firms are using consultancies, enterprises which install complex technological infrastructures, employing external specialists implementing integrated or specialized IT systems…abi---strzalka-2012more

Report design

Many organizations are faced with a problem of conveying the right information, at the right time and to the right people- firms corporate body or information officer, who have the relevant skills and experience and need access to corporate data scattered around and outside an enterprise. Today, report creation is one of the most exercised computer user activities. Plethora of managers and information officers of big international corporations or proprietors of big and medium size companies or simply individual users struggle with this difficult and complicated task…abi---strzalka-2012more

IT Audit and Audit Vault

The knowledge of computing resources such as hosts, workstations/terminals, servers, operational systems and applications constitutes a basis for their effective management. One of the methods of obtaining extensive and actual information about installed software, licenses and computing equipment is a common IT audit. It allows administrators to optimize purchases and respond promptly and precisely, especially in device crash situations…abi---strzalka-2012more

Systems integration

The last couple of years are marked with a rapid development of a number of IT systems, that have been deployed across many enterprises. Predominantly, these are independent applications, that deliver tangible business functionality. The need to exchange applications data constitutes a prerequisite to develop forward integrated platforms. The system integration service offered by ABI-soft enables a full IT infrastructure adjustment to dynamically changing markets, by eliminating most of the problems associated with improper information flow and system inconsistency. It embraces business processes as well as organization’s IT environment. Also, it optimizes costs and time for likely enterprise adjustments to future changes in economic environment, leveraging its competitiveness…abi---strzalka-2012more


Enterprises dynamic, economic development and a fierce competition prompts an entrepreneur to obtain information about the market, product and the company. One of the methods of holding a whip hand, is implementation of an integrated management system. An introduction of such system tests knowledge and skills of employees supporting implementing tasks. Such knowledge can be acquired during training sessions and product-oriented workshops organized by abi-soft…abi---strzalka-2012more