Many organizations are faced with a problem of conveying the right information, at the right time and to the right people- firms corporate body or information officer, who have the relevant skills and experience and need access to corporate data scattered around and outside an enterprise.

Today, report creation is one of the most exercised computer user activities. Plethora of managers and information officers of big international corporations or proprietors of big and medium size companies or simply individual users struggle with this difficult and complicated task.

ABI-soft offers services related to report design and creation for the use of the corporate body and all those, who need access to business data dispersed around and outside the firm. They are created with the aid of such tools as Crystal Reports, Siebel Analytics, Oracle Discoverer, Access, Excel, Visual Basic.

ABI-soft while designing and creating reports, simultaneously performs a market analysis, and thereby supports firm’s management, industry representative and other clients by performing (inter alia) tasks presented below, either of an uninterrupted and unceasing nature(independent of discrete tasks) or of a discrete nature, fulfilling clients tangible needs:

  1. Carrying out basic analysis of collected data in compliance with basic models intended for market data analysis use
  2. Capturing, keying-in, assembling and processing the data in order to give them an appropriate format, that enables further analysis
  3. Modelling and assembling the data on a routine basis in order to produce data sets for adequate time intervals
  4. Visualization of time series data with the aid of basic statistical graphical summaries such as: histograms, bar charts, dispersion graphs/dot plots i.e. descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics i.e. probability distribution/univariate and multivariate/discrete/continuous/miscellaneous/binomonal/chi-square/marginal
  5. Report preparation on the basis of analyses (summaries, breakdowns, inferences, recommendations) of interval nature (routine) as well as of discrete nature (office task)
  6. Carrying in-depth analyses for perplexed issues or lack of sufficient, clear-cut, and unambiguous data. Ad hoc reports
  7. Designing significant market analyses for chosen market segments within a given time span, as a current commercial offer or as recommendation for seizing an opportunity or avoiding development traps
  8. Constant monitoring of specific market segments, which constitute an area of interest to the analyst, especially recording changes taking place in those segments
  9. Corrections and verification of primarily drawn conclusions, formulation of new recommendations on the basis of new data sets

All reports produced by ABI-soft can be saved in any formats. It is least problematic for the findings to be saved in Excel spreadsheet or PDF format.