ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
– is a software, which integrates enterprise’s departments, functions and processes in one computer system. It operates on one database and enables communication across company and information sharing. Systems are designed to manage most if not all aspects of firm’s activities. Usually, they consist of such modules as: financials, sales, logistics, production and others. Modules are so designed as to enable an efficient and seamless cooperation by using an uniform interface. ERP systems usually have broad configuration options, which allow for the system to be tailored to enterprise individual and specific requirements…abi---strzalka-2012more


CRM – Customer Relationship Management
– is a terminology used to describe a new class of software supporting enterprise’s management. This software is complementary to ”traditional” MRPII/ERP types of systems. It covers new areas of mission-critical applications, which were not aided by these systems so far. CRM is an answer to market transformations taking place from the early 80-ties. It is also a review of the prevailing, ”traditional” marketing concept… abi---strzalka-2012more


Oracle Beehive
The objective of Oracle Beehive is to provide a guarantee for an agile work and information flow navigation in the enterprise. The underlying concept behind the program is an assumption made to impose maximum restrictions on traditional paper work flow and regulate the process of conveying information. With such documentation circulation procedures, each issue is treated in a planned, structured and in line with enterprise philosophy, manner. Work in a modern environment confronts us with ever increasing demand for gargantuan data processing. A possibility to reach out to in-demand information in concert with a well thought-out and an efficient storage and exchange method decides, in many cases, about the final success. The Oracle Collaboration Suite set, developed by the market leader, the Oracle Corporation, is provided and implemented by ABI-soft enterprise as an excellent tool supporting teamwork… abi---strzalka-2012more