Implementation services encompass a creation of the system’s architecture, customizing a solution, as well as scheduling implementation and services in the field of system development and optimization.

The range of implementation services offered by ABI-soft encompasses inter alia:

  • Preparation and planning of implementation
  • Modifications and changes
  • System tuning
  • Software installation
  • Data transfer
  • Software customization
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • After-sale support (Live chat, HelpDesk, Phone)

System implementation
Implementation of information system supporting enterprise management has its own peculiarity. It depends on the process, which will be strengthen by the use of Information Technology. ERP systems are implemented in a different way (where for example:financial regulations, financial and managerial accounting are crucial), than CRM systems, that encompass the relationship between employees and clients. There is even a different way of implementing Electronic Data Management systems (EDM). The peculiarity of implementation also depends on the industry, in which the firm operates as well as its magnitude. Customization constitutes a vital element in the process of software implementation. It denotes, that information system implemented in the enterprise is developed according to enterprise and individual requirements. It encompasses inter alia changes of interfaces, that enable to achieve the highest level of work ergonomics, as well as preparation of the mechanisms allowing to collaborate with other systems.

ABI-soft accomplishes projects implementations, which are part of Oracle E-Business Suite application, that exploits AIM methodology – Oracle Application Implementation Method (methodology of implementing Oracle eBusiness Suite modules). A well structured implementation schedule is a key feature to the successful project implementation. It should contain time, workforce allocation, financial resources necessary for a completion of each planned implementation phase. ABI-soft draws great attention to the efficient and professional implementation of projects. Hence, a great emphasis is placed on acquiring best implementation team and best quality of documentation being created during the implementation process.

AIM methodology supports an implementation of the whole Oracle E-Business Suite family of products such as: ERP-Enterprise Recourses Planning, CRM -Customer Relationship Management, Oracle Financials, Human Resources and others.

The following diagram shows AIM phases and processes.


AIM highlights the following implementation phases:

  1. Definition (project and requirements definition)
  2. Operational Analysis
  3. Project solution
  4. Building
  5. Transition
  6. Exploitation

AIM also highlights a chain of processes, which run across consecutive stages of project implementation. These processes are classified as:

  1. Definition of business requirements
  2. Mapping business requirements
  3. Technical architecture & application architecture
  4. Development of additional modules
  5. Data conversion
  6. Documentation
  7. Business testing
  8. Quality/efficiency testing
  9. Training
  10. Migration