ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
– is a software, which integrates enterprise’s departments, functions and processes in one computer system. It operates on one database and enables communication across company and information sharing. Systems are designed to manage most if not all aspects of firm’s activities. Usually, they consist of such modules as: financials, sales, logistics, production and others. Modules are so designed as to enable an efficient and seamless cooperation by using an uniform interface. ERP systems usually have broad configuration options, which allow for the system to be tailored to enterprise individual and specific requirements.
We would like to suggest a system, which will satisfy enterprise requirements and allow for an efficient recourses management.

Oracle E-Business Suite – all what a modern enterprise would want.
Since an introduction of the Internet version of all modules and merging them in one E-business Suite, based on common technology and uniform architecture, the popularity of Oracle business applications is growing continuously. Prior to the E-business Suite inception, clients had to buy separate systems from many suppliers and integrate them, in order to achieve what now is possible by using an integrated Oracle package. Applications are user-friendly (only resorting to Web browser), easy-to-administer (there is no need to update the software-the administrator looks after one instance on the main server), flexible (possible software adjustment to clients varying needs, without the necessity of altering the application code) and easy-to-implement (a typical one module E-Business Suite project implementation takes from 4 to 10 months depending on the selected version). An integrated E-business Suite application package encompasses 55 modules and all elements necessary to manage an enterprise efficiently: ERP applications, CRM (Client Relationship Management) system, Oracle Internet Procurement (a system to service all Internet purchases) plus analytical solutions.This package allows clients to manage their entire e-business from sale and Web marketing to deliveries and purchases made over the Internet. It is possible to build an infinite number of implementations on the basis of Oracle E-business Suite, that match different business profiles.

Main functional areas of Oracle E-Business Suite:

abi---strzalka-2012supply chain management
abi---strzalka-2012flow/mass production, batch/discrete production, high technology
abi---strzalka-2012projects management
abi---strzalka-2012human recourses management
abi---strzalka-2012property management
abi---strzalka-2012asset management