Oracle Sales Online
means controlling costs of field sales. The system compiles information about clients and sales, which facilitates an increase in the number of transactions being made and tightening lasting bonds with the client. Oracle Sales Online offers therefore an access to information about sales and clients, enabling a full exploitation of every trading opportunity, forecasting and planning on the basis of global sales forecasts in real time. For the mobile salesmen this module provides Oracle Mobile Sales function, which provides access to Oracle Sales Online via laptops, palmtops, wireless pocket equipment. With Oracle Mobile Sales module, the nomadic workforces are granted an ongoing access to all necessary information and easy to use applications, which speed up the purchasing procedures.

Oracle Partners Online
is one of the first Partnership Relationship Management (PRM) modules, providing support for enterprises and their partners before, during and after the sale process. The service begins with a creation of partner profile and searching for trading opportunity for suppliers. On the other hand, it also provides access to information about the most recent product developments, service and sale opportunities online for the partner too. Oracle Partners Online, as a part of an integrated EBS system, enables an access to data assembled in CRM and ERP systems. Oracle Partners Online uses refined methods to create partners profiles, search for sales opportunities and minimize costs related to management of distribution channels through automation of information flow.

Oracle Incentive Compensation
means managing the system of incentives. It enables a fast, easy and accurate incentive-based compensation plans preparation, confirmation and discharge of incentives plans and then tracking their effectiveness. It is a tool, helping to build incentive-based compensation plans for firms with the global exposure in areas such as: sales, partners, dealers and clients.

Oracle Collections
is a source of information about arrears, overdue payments, disputes, and financial obligations. It smoothes the path for a fast identification of clients with arrears and deploys preventive methods of contacting clients, to recover most of money owed.

Oracle Sales Intelligence
forms an infrastructure, that enables planning of sales targets, measuring results, and then comparing them with planned ones. The module facilitates decision making process for salespeople, from analysts through managers to board members.

Oracle Sales Intelligence
supplies information on a daily basis, about what has been sold and what will be sold, and what will be the costs associated with this sale. It helps to search for trade opportunities faster and gain a winning edge over competitors.


Oracle Service Contracts
helps the enterprise to conduct their service activities by streamlining the processes of contract creation and renewal. The module enables to manage service contracts, contract settlement and supports the process of their renewal.

Oracle Sales Contracts
enables to manage the full volume of yearly contracts, plane and execute bumps, up-sell, cross-sell and down-sell. Oracle Sales contracts supports the process of contract and invoice creation, and the process of forward-thinking management of contracts terms and clauses. Advantages related to module implementation are derived from shortening the sales contract negotiation cycles, as a result of contract development automation, inter alia by defining guidelines for newly designed contracts, to comply with terms and regulations.

Oracle Rights Contracts
provides a set of tools to manage intellectual property, while performing marketing and licencing activities. With Oracle central cataloque of intellectual property and an integration with the Oracle E-Business Suite, the firm can quickly identify and search for information related to licencing and possible financial commitments, concerning this issue. Oracle Rights Contracts provides a catalogue of intellectual property and manages financial obligations, resulting from their sale.

Oracle Contracts Intelligence
is a tool, that enables a transformation of enterprise data about enterprise contracts into a strategically-valuable business information. An integration with Oracle Contracts creates an undisputed additional value, that enables to manage information in real-time. Oracle Contracts Intelligence, provides an instant insight into sale and service contracts, analyze client-initiated contract renewals, calculate contract profitability by suppliers and products, and forecast future revenues.

Oracle Project Contracts
is a unique tool supporting commercial and government contract management.This implement allows to assemble information about schedules, scheduled tasks specification, list of subcontractors and contractors and handle complex correspondence management issues, in one place. Oracle Project Contracts as a part of the Oracle Projects application is fully integrated with the remaining elements of Oracle E-Business suite such as : Oracle Financials, Oracle Supply Chain Management, Oracle Human Resources Management, Oracle Customer Relationship Management, Oracle Sales, Oracle Advanced Procurement and Oracle Collaboration Suite. By collecting this data our firm can perform its activities and manage risk much better. It reduces the costs of project execution and facilitates the process of oversight into works progress.