Oracle Marketing Online
– is a module designed with the view, to provide complex support for modern marketing activities, to begin with planning a marketing campaign and its budgeting through managing accompanying activities, to campaign execution and analysis of its effects. What’s more. Oracle Advanced Marketing means quantitative marketing, a tool integrated with Oracle Discoverer and Data Mining. What do marketing analyses refer to? At least, product life cycle. Impact of changes in markups and subsequent attempts to lower the production costs on overall profitability. Merely, from marketing point of view, we receive analyses of marketing campaign costs as a function of increase in product sales. And finally, industrial espionage in the name of the law, hence analyses of data referring to presence of similar products on the market, to respond to competitors moves swiftly.

Oracle iStore
– is a proposition for trading firms, enabling creation, implementation and management of scalable Internet sales systems. Linking the module with the functionality of eMerchandising module, being a part of OracleMarketing Online, enables a projection of individualized offers and advertisements for clients. Oracle iStore incorporates: multi-language and multi-currency service, integrated management and order processing, after-sale service, quick installation and implementation, and simple and inexpensive product administration.

Oracle Trade Management
– is a interesting proposition for producers and product retail distributors. It is a B2B solution assisting marketers in planning, organizing, allocating, implementing, tracking and evaluating marketing operations, promoting, handling complaints, and budgeting. Planning and analyzing product sales figures, reducing costs of handling complaints, as a consequence of complaint and discount management system availability, managing technical tests, defining and verifying rebates, chargebacks and resolving claims, viewing current and potential liabilities in that area are the main functionalities of Oracle Trade Management.

Marketing Intelligence
– enables an estimation of effectiveness of various aspects of marketing activities.The module delivers over 200 reports, that facilitate a close to real time analysis, measurements of campaign effectiveness, budget expenditure and costs tendency.