Defining IT requirements of contemporary enterprise, choice of adequate software and technical infrastructure, and also present and future needs, requires a broad and well-structured business and computing knowledge plus an objective and unbiased assessment of firm’s performance. Current activities of many enterprises do not allow the employees to acquire sufficient knowledge about all solutions available on the market. It causes a lack of objectivity and ability, while assessing business processes and determining firm’s real needs. It is why more and more firms are using consultancies, enterprises which install complex technological infrastructures, employing external specialists implementing integrated or specialized IT systems.

ABI-soft offer embraces two major areas:

  • IT systems consultancy
  • Management and Administration consultancy(with an exceptional consideration for managerial accountancy issues)

ABI-soft vast experience in implementing projects related to business processes reorganization, selection of business infrastructure and systems means, that ABI-soft can provide high profile IT consultancy services, which can proceed an any stage of project execution phase. The range of these services is very broad and includes such supporting activities as:

  • IT Consultancy in the field of finance, accountancy, materials management, production planning, project management, CRM and other areas of enterprise activities
  • Business strategy consultancy, including developing vision, mission and economic objectives statements
  • Operational Management consultancy (including managerial accountancy and controlling)
  • Selection and implementation of integrated management systems
  • Consultancy in Health and Safety policy and procedure preparation
  • Consultancy in emergency procedures preparation
  • Cosultancy in modernization and functionality extension of current IT system
  • Consultancy in formation of IT strategies
  • Consultancy in modelling of organizational structures
  • Consultancy in modelling and organization of document and information flow
  • Consultancy in analysis of business processes
  • Consultancy in organization and support in implementing profit and loss account, operational cost control management

Furthermore we offer:

Designing and IT infrastructure:

  • Analysis of equipment and software requirements
  • Complex logic and electric network installation
  • Computer equipment and software selection with best offer criterion (servers HP and Lenovo, system software: Linux, Unix and Windows NT)
  • Software design and development in the case, when the available software does not meet firm’s requirements

IT system and culture implementation among users:

  • Implementation of safety policy
  • Defining information flow regulations
  • Installation of servers and network equipment
  • Software installation for personal computers
  • Training/Access to Knowledge (A2K)

Continuous supervision over IT systems:

  • Server and network equipment administration
  • Keeping proper lookout for IT infrastructure conditions
  • Managing system safety (software update)
  • Computer equipment management
  • HelpDesk
  • HotLine
  • Interval audit trails and consultations preserving system development
  • Implementing new solutions

IT consultancy services offered by ABI-soft are delivered by staff experienced in conducting projects, business analyses, feasibility studies and system implementations. They are based on best practices and finely honed methodologies as well as on acquired market knowledge and acumen for recognizing business needs in different industries.
Vast competencies, excellent market knowledge in the field of IT solutions, partnership with the producers of best equipment and software, and also a broad experiences warrant reliable consultancy services provided by our professional staff. The proposed solutions are characterized by good quality and maintain high safety standards. Their knowledge of various business needs and wants across various industries contributes to the fact, that projects incorporate industry best practices.