The firm’s activities focus on complex implementations of ORACLE system, which supports medium or big company oversight. Perpendicularly, we act as a consultancy in the field of Operational Management, Organizational Procedures (Job Delegating), Management Accounting and Financial Accounting. It allows us in a short time to become accustomed with clients ways of conducting their businesses, their expectations and requirements. Joining those two business areas results in real,tangible and measurable business benefits such as shortening of implementation cycle, full adjustment of the system to clients requirements, assurance of system procedures compatibility with the current law in force, International Accounting Standards, GAAP and ISO quality standards. During the implementation stage, we draw our specific attention to its primary phase, where we recognize clients economic environments, their expectations and requirements. It is after sussing out the information, we start to implement the system, treating it as a living tool supporting managerial practices rather than as a program in itself.

We are also engaged in the business of integrating systems, which already function in the firms, as well as creating new software, that merge various applications or compile reports.