Abi-soft was established in 1994. At the initial stages of our inception, our activities were rooted mainly in providing accounting consultancy and designing computer software, that supported firm’s managerial processes. Since 1995, firm’s activities have concentrated on implementing MRPII/EPP systems. Initially, it was a system called Scala, which was implemented in Poland as well as overseas (Hungary, Czech Republic and Rumania). Since commencement, our interests gathered around Operational Management and Accounting, especially in production firms embracing production modules as well as Project Management. A growing number of firms became interested in large ERP systems with an access over internet, where data insertion and analysis on could be performed instantly.

In 2001, making use of our hands-on-experiences in implementing MRPII/ERP systems we began to successfully implement Oracle EBS. It was a result of a research carried out of the situation in the IT sector. Our highly qualified and skilled consultants have been recognized for their hard and professional work and we became an authorised partner of SCALA in 2003. As time has passed, it occured to us, that it was Oracle EBS, that became our prime concern, which we mainly concentrated our energy on. Increasingly demanding and fast track IT sector of ERP, CRM and BI forced ABI-soft to initiate organizational changes, which also became beneficial to our clients.

Our offer has been enhanced with successive, extremely flexible products such as: Oracle CRM, Siebel Analytics and Oracle Beehive. It is not the quantitative, but the qualitative changes that represent our strenght. ABI-soft has adopted an open-minded attitude towards constant improvement and development. The lifelong learning process results in professional analysis being carried out and hence better business solutions with greater emphasis placed on client’s satisfaction.